Best Day Ever

I was lucky enough to get an ARE of this book at the ALA Annual Conference. Summer is a great time to curl up with a good read and Kaira Rouda’s novel is a perfect choice.  I was up until 4 a.m; I didn’t want to stop reading. The main character, Paul Strom , is an unreliable narrator and a psychopath. He is outwardly charming and inwardly evil. That’s not much of a spoiler as his psychological deficits are evident early on. What is less clear is what he has done, is planning to do, and does his wife know. Fans of a Girl on the imageTrain should love this.


Summer is a great time to let yourself off the hook. I’ve finally finished some pesky and challenging WIPs (I’m looking at you Ondawa) and rather than start on another group KAL I’m doing a project I want to tackle. It’s seasonal and I hope to finish it while I can still wear it.

The tshirt style is a bit of an experiment for me. I’m using stash yarn so it may turn in to a shirt of many colors. Nevertheless, I’m feeling brave that I’m letting go of my need to purchase new yarn for every project. If it doesn’t work no one need ever know.

Wool Season

I love Jamieson and Smith. We’ve lost our LYS connection but I hope to find another vendor soon.

J&S Blog

Hello everybody, sorry it has been quite quiet on the blog this summer, we have been so busy which of course is a great problem to have. We are now in the heart of the Shetland Wool season and thanks to a pretty good summer so far the clipping has been happening in earnest so the woolstore is filling up as fast as they can empty it! Even with roadworks happening outside our door (we can still be reached from the bottom of North Road) we are averaging 2-3 tonnes through the doors everyday.

I took the chance on Saturday after the woolstore ones had gone home to take a few photos of the organised chaos, I find the Woolstore extremly photogenic and the sheer volume of wool in there never ceases to amaze me. We have shipped two loads so far and they are well into load 3 so…

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Sweater club

I feel very fortunate that my LYS sponsors a sweater club. For a very reasonable fee we meet Sunday mornings and work on our projects under the tutelage of an expert knitter. We have such great and fun conversations AND we get help when we’re stuck. The kind of problems that might have earned a sweater a home in the UFO pile becomes easily fixed. Recently I wore a sweater to the meeting that I had made a couple of years ago. I loved the pattern, yarn, and color but I didn’t wear it often as the neckline sagged and slipped off my shoulders (think Flashdance).  Within minutes of arrival our talented leader Allyson Dykhuizen told me how to fix it. Job done and now I’m thrilled with it. Hooray for Allyson, Knit 1 Chicago, and all local yarn stores.

Dangerous Jane

While at the American Library Association annual conference, Suzanne Slade was kind enough to personalize a copy of her book Dangerous Jane for my granddaughter. We just had a chance to read it together.  Emmajean was riveted by Jane Addams story. She was taken by her efforts for the poor, for peace, and for the world. She was also interested in Jane’s personal health travails. I can tell that this book will be a personal favorite in her library of special women.  Thank you Suzanne Slade!  Now we can go visit a Hull House.

Hillary Clinton, Jerry Spinelli, and Ondawa

imageToday I spent a wonderful hour listening to Hillary Clinton addressing the American Library Association. Of course she was speaking to an audience that shares her values of education, accuracy, reading, and inclusion. Nevertheless, it was inspiring to listen to her. I must admit that I felt misty eyed and sad that we lost the opportunity to have such a special, intelligent, thoughtful woman as our president.

One of my latest reading titles is Jerry Spinelli’s The Warden’s Daughter.  He always tells a compelling  story with believable characters. I particularly liked that the main character’s central issue was not immediately obvious. This would make a great book discussion title for middle grade readers.

Finally, I continue to plug away on the Ondawa sweater. I’m trying to do nothing sleeves at the same time. I know I’ll be glad when they are both done, but it does have the potential for great confusion.

Mid Year Resolution

I have been incredibly lazy about my blogging. I hereby resolve to get in the habit of posting every day.  It should only mean a short postponement of my current knitting and reading projects.

I am in the homestretch of the Ondawa sweater pattern. It is a beautiful cable dense sweater and I know I will love wearing it. HOWEVER, it has taken forever to finish. When there are this many cables the inches lag and lag and lag.

I did finish Al Franken: Giant of the Senate  by Al Franken and I recommend it highly.  It is both entertaining and informative.  You really get an inside view of how government and the legislative process works  Franken tweaks his own mistakes and pokes some humor at fellow senators. He’s reserves his unreserved scorn for the deserving Ted Cruz.  Minnesota you are one lucky state



I’m beginning to wonder if my ability to knit is fleeing. I’ve made so many mistakes lately. Many I catch and correct while I’m going on, but my latest did not become evident until I blocked the Shawl with its lacy edge. I tried to gerrymander a fix; I couldn’t face ripping it all out. I think I can hide it when wearing it, but I’ll always know the problem is there.  Oh woe. Perhaps I shouldn’t knit while watching MSNBC and following our latest presidential disaster.