Monthly Archives: March 2016

Charity knitting

image.The knitting guild of which I am a member, Windy City Knitting Guild, supports the Red Cross’ Little Hats, Big Hearts efforts. This year I have decided to knit one of these tiny red hats for every project I complete. It’s also turned onto be a great grab and go peroject when I’m tackling a complex knit that would be difficult at meetings. Now I’ve found another use  — when I’m ready for the next step and need something that’s still damp on the blocking board. I think I’m going to make a lot of red hats this year.


Bug in a Vacuum

Lately, the book my granddaughter and I love sharing is Bug in a Vacuum by Melanie Watt.  It is an engaging delight that follows what happens to a fly that gets vacuumed up. The illustrations have lots of detail that help young listeners get involved in the story. It is also organized around the stages of grief that show the multitudes of emotions anyone (any bug?) can experience.  Share this adventure with the picture book lovers in your life. image.jpeg


I’m feeling rather proud of myself. I just deviated from the pattern instructions for the first time to make a sweater work better for me. Historically, I cleaved faithfully to the printed pattern and got rid of the sweater ifnitbdidnt work. Yesterday I removed a bind off and added two more pattern repeats to better suit my taste.  I hope it all works when I get it seamed, but even if it doesn’t I’m happy I’ve shaken the shekels. I know I won’t be so reluctant the next time.

Before I unraveled the bindoff I ran a line of waste yarn a few rows below just in case the frogging got away from me. Ultimately I didn’t need to rely on it, but I was much more confident because it was there.

Stash busting

My knitting theme for the year has been stash busting. I am determined to use the majority of the yarn I’ve been squirreling away for the last 2 years. Some of it was attached to a specific project and some of it was from an “I can’t resist it” place. It has actually been going quite well and I’ve been proud of the projects I finished. BUT I’m beginning to feel that pull to get more. I’ll have to be very careful at YarnCon in April. I hope I stick to my guns and get the stash under control. It will give me hope for next year’s theme of actually reading the knitting books I own!


image.jpegI have been going through my closet and weeding out clothes I’ll never wear again. This is at least a productive form of procrastination. Why procrastinate something I love like knitting?  I have reached that dreaded stage where I must decrease in a lace pattern. This always gives me agita. I am genuinly hampered by not really seeing a decrease as left or right leaning. So if the pattern maker hasn’t specified when to use K2tog or SSK and conversely P2tog or SSP, I’m in a dither every row. I’d rather untangle knots. At least the book I’m reading, Pretty Girls by Karen Slaughter is engrossing.