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Best Day Ever

I was lucky enough to get an ARE of this book at the ALA Annual Conference. Summer is a great time to curl up with a good read and Kaira Rouda’s novel is a perfect choice.  I was up until 4 a.m; I didn’t want to stop reading. The main character, Paul Strom , is an unreliable narrator and a psychopath. He is outwardly charming and inwardly evil. That’s not much of a spoiler as his psychological deficits are evident early on. What is less clear is what he has done, is planning to do, and does his wife know. Fans of a Girl on the imageTrain should love this.



image.jpegI have been going through my closet and weeding out clothes I’ll never wear again. This is at least a productive form of procrastination. Why procrastinate something I love like knitting?  I have reached that dreaded stage where I must decrease in a lace pattern. This always gives me agita. I am genuinly hampered by not really seeing a decrease as left or right leaning. So if the pattern maker hasn’t specified when to use K2tog or SSK and conversely P2tog or SSP, I’m in a dither every row. I’d rather untangle knots. At least the book I’m reading, Pretty Girls by Karen Slaughter is engrossing.