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Dangerous Jane

While at the American Library Association annual conference, Suzanne Slade was kind enough to personalize a copy of her book Dangerous Jane for my granddaughter. We just had a chance to read it together.  Emmajean was riveted by Jane Addams story. She was taken by her efforts for the poor, for peace, and for the world. She was also interested in Jane’s personal health travails. I can tell that this book will be a personal favorite in her library of special women.  Thank you Suzanne Slade!  Now we can go visit a Hull House.


Hillary Clinton, Jerry Spinelli, and Ondawa

imageToday I spent a wonderful hour listening to Hillary Clinton addressing the American Library Association. Of course she was speaking to an audience that shares her values of education, accuracy, reading, and inclusion. Nevertheless, it was inspiring to listen to her. I must admit that I felt misty eyed and sad that we lost the opportunity to have such a special, intelligent, thoughtful woman as our president.

One of my latest reading titles is Jerry Spinelli’s The Warden’s Daughter.  He always tells a compelling  story with believable characters. I particularly liked that the main character’s central issue was not immediately obvious. This would make a great book discussion title for middle grade readers.

Finally, I continue to plug away on the Ondawa sweater. I’m trying to do nothing sleeves at the same time. I know I’ll be glad when they are both done, but it does have the potential for great confusion.

Bug in a Vacuum

Lately, the book my granddaughter and I love sharing is Bug in a Vacuum by Melanie Watt.  It is an engaging delight that follows what happens to a fly that gets vacuumed up. The illustrations have lots of detail that help young listeners get involved in the story. It is also organized around the stages of grief that show the multitudes of emotions anyone (any bug?) can experience.  Share this adventure with the picture book lovers in your life. image.jpeg