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Wool Season

I love Jamieson and Smith. We’ve lost our LYS connection but I hope to find another vendor soon.

Hello everybody, sorry it has been quite quiet on the blog this summer, we have been so busy which of course is a great problem to have. We are now in the heart of the Shetland Wool season and thanks to a pretty good summer so far the clipping has been happening in earnest so the woolstore is filling up as fast as they can empty it! Even with roadworks happening outside our door (we can still be reached from the bottom of North Road) we are averaging 2-3 tonnes through the doors everyday.

I took the chance on Saturday after the woolstore ones had gone home to take a few photos of the organised chaos, I find the Woolstore extremly photogenic and the sheer volume of wool in there never ceases to amaze me. We have shipped two loads so far and they are well into load 3 so…

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Mid Year Resolution

I have been incredibly lazy about my blogging. I hereby resolve to get in the habit of posting every day.  It should only mean a short postponement of my current knitting and reading projects.

I am in the homestretch of the Ondawa sweater pattern. It is a beautiful cable dense sweater and I know I will love wearing it. HOWEVER, it has taken forever to finish. When there are this many cables the inches lag and lag and lag.

I did finish Al Franken: Giant of the Senate  by Al Franken and I recommend it highly.  It is both entertaining and informative.  You really get an inside view of how government and the legislative process works  Franken tweaks his own mistakes and pokes some humor at fellow senators. He’s reserves his unreserved scorn for the deserving Ted Cruz.  Minnesota you are one lucky state



I’m beginning to wonder if my ability to knit is fleeing. I’ve made so many mistakes lately. Many I catch and correct while I’m going on, but my latest did not become evident until I blocked the Shawl with its lacy edge. I tried to gerrymander a fix; I couldn’t face ripping it all out. I think I can hide it when wearing it, but I’ll always know the problem is there.  Oh woe. Perhaps I shouldn’t knit while watching MSNBC and following our latest presidential disaster.

Blue Heron

This week’s project is the cropped heart pattern pullover from Vogue Knitting Special Collector’s Issue 1991. It is fairly easy to knit aside from the K4tog.  Making something with short sleeves should help me get out of the winter funk Chicagoans are prey to.

I’m using Blue Heron rayon/metallic yarn and it is a dream to knit. I love the drape of the fabric and I now wish I had chosen a more flowing pattern. I’ll probably get more of this yarn at the next YarnCon in Chicago.  I think my granddaughter would love a dress from this fabric.